"Bridging the gap between research, academia, and industry"

I am a mobility researcher with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), and Deputy Director for Mobility Choice. My current research focuses on the synergies between transportation and energy, with an emphasis on data collection strategies and innovation to answer key research questions including impacts of ride-hailing and future mobility. I hold a PhD in civil engineering from the interdisciplinary sustainable urban infrastructure program at the University of Colorado.

My passion for transportation, people, cities and the environment has driven me – literally – to explore the field first-hand, and has allowed me to gain unique knowledge, and experience. Realizing the difficulty in obtaining data directly from Uber and Lyft, I designed an ethnographic and survey-based experiment by conducting research while driving for both companies. With a strong background in data & research, and a diverse skill set, I’m eager to be part of the solution to meaningfully influence the future of mobility. I bring to the table critical thinking, innovative ideas, research and field experience, a team-oriented mentality and problem-solving skills.

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